Dancing Arches Tutorial

Welcome to my DIY tutorial to easily assemble dancing arches using PEX PVC and WS2812B LED strips! I am by no means an expert when it comes to holiday props, individually addressable LEDs, or electrical wiring. But, that said – I was able to DIY the following dancing arches and figured I’d share how I did it. The tutorial assumes some familiarity with WS2812B LED strips, WLED, etc.

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Server Migration

Over the past two weeks, we migrated 7 of our clients’ websites to a secondary server while our primary server was reformatted, reconfigured, and redeployed. We then migrated all 7 websites back over to our primary server. I’m happy to report our migration was almost completely unnoticed – which is a good thing! But what our clients DID notice is vastly improved page response times thanks to the reconfigured server. Thank you to all our customers for trusting us with their website!

Thank you Huron Speed!

Sometimes all you need is a little support! Huron Speed Products is an established company selling aftermarket turbo kits for a variety of vehicles. When they were transitioning to a new website, HSP reached out to Meissenation LLC asking for a bit of help getting their website launched. Within no time things were straightened out and HSP was able to launch their new site ahead of schedule! Thanks for your trust and letting us help!