Brian Meissen was a computer nerd since childhood. Having a true passion for technology, Brian has had an online presence since age 10. In his early teen years, he managed AOL newsletters, organized themed chats, and created websites on GeoCities!

Meissenation.com was born in 2003 as a way to circumvent school proxies which blocked gaming websites. The new domain name wasn’t recognized by the proxy which allowed Brian and his classmates to play simple java games on the school computers.

In 2005, Brian created MiFBody.com – a Michigan-based Camaro and Firebird website which has been his pride and joy ever since. Since then, Brian has added multiple websites to his hosting portfolio: Western Michigan Camaro Club, LTxTech.com, and Decora Park HOA just to name a few.

Professionally, Brian has worked in various IT positions since 2006 – starting as a Desktop Support technician and working his way up to Systems Administrator. Exiting the operations side, Brian worked as an IT Auditor for 4 years auditing various processes, systems, and applications within General Motors. Currently, Brian works as a Global Process Engineer while deploying a global InfoPath + SharePoint solution.